Friday, October 14, 2011

Ultra HCG

Results of a woman after 30 days on the HCG Diet.
Results After 30 Days
The HCG Diet is currently being sold in South Florida after this popular craze is moving through every town in the world many people have been asking where can I buy HCG. Maybe it has become so famous because there is no need for exercise, in fact, exercise is not allowed when on Phase 2 of the treatment, which is the phase where the most fat is burned. Contrary to popular belief from uninformed people who have completed the program, there is no need for agonizing injections on the Ultra HCG Diet Drops program.

Even if the common people are recently finding out about this weight loss program, three decades ago Dr. Simeons from Rome treated patients who were obesity with this same program. Matter of fact, it was Dr. Simeons who published the book "Pounds and Inches", which outlines the idea, steps, and nutrition to be taken when on the program. Source:

Whoever is on the drops may lose one to two pounds of stored body fat daily, and won't lose any lean muscle. The person will feel motivated, sleep great, and even their skin will look great. All you do is take the homeopathic drops 3 times each day with a 500 calorie diet and see the pounds disappear away. These drops will help combat the appetite so you never feel famished, ever again! Source:

You may ask, what is HCG? HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone that occurs naturally in the human body. We all have this hormone, but the level surges during the time when a woman is pregnant. This hormone services the body to keep it's muscle mass, at the same time making the body to burn the stored fat as energy. That's the reason you do not feel tired. This hormone also assists in rebooting the hypothalamus which is a part of the brain that is known to control the body's metabolism.

Today we found some new web post about Ultra HCG. These articles are unbiased reviews about Ultra HCG. If you don't already know, the Ultra HCG is just a brand of the new trendy diet HCG, which is based on a very low calorie diet and taking a hormone found in pregnant women that helps the embryo receive nourishment by burning stored body fat as calories found in the mother. Even school blogs speak on the last diet cure. Source:

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